Unique, Hands-Free Ways to Soothe Your Baby


(Family Features) Most parents know – or soon will – crying is completely normal for babies. Even once you’ve determined a cause for the cries, finding foolproof ways to soothe baby can be difficult.

While traditional methods of soothing like bassinets and swings are often effective, they typically require parents to always be close by to keep baby calm. Bassinets and swings with innovative, soothing technology can help provide the safest place outside your arms to ensure baby is comforted and secure, allowing busy parents to have peace of mind while managing everyday tasks.

To bring baby from cries to comfort, Graco has introduced the future of innovative soothing with its Soothing Bassinet and Soothing Swing. Using SmartSense technology, they respond to cries with thousands of soothing combinations to help create more peaceful, happy moments for you and your baby.

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Soothe Baby Back to Sleep
Bassinets are recommended for newborns until they can roll over or push up (typically around 5 months old). Creating a fully immersive sleep environment, the Graco SmartSense Soothing Bassinet hears baby’s cries and responds by gradually adjusting thousands of soothing combinations to help lull baby back to sleep, including gentle motions, soft vibration, multiple speeds, white noise and calming music. Parents can also directly control the settings or stream songs and sounds via Bluetooth wireless technology. Its sleek aesthetic and woodgrain finish fit seamlessly into home decor while breathable, mesh sides and a firm, flat sleeping surface help create a safe sleep space for baby. Plus, the bassinet offers swaddle compatibility, allowing babies to sleep soundly by adapting to their needs whether swaddled or not.

Rock Your Baby to Comfort
Mimicking the way parents naturally soothe their babies, the Graco SmartSense Soothing Swing offers four unique motions – swing, rock, cradle and glide – as well as combinations of soft vibrations, speeds, white noise and calming sounds to help create more peaceful, happy moments. It boasts technology that hears your baby cry and responds in seconds with calming sound and motion. The swing also features a cozy body support made with organic cotton fabrics, three recline positions and a convertible harness with harness covers to keep your baby comfy and secure while swinging.