Deltona Senior Found Dead in Lake Near Home


A 74-year-old resident of Deltona was found dead in a lake behind her home on Sunday, according to a news release from the Volusia Sheriff's Office. The woman resided at 479 Fort Smith Blvd, which is where deputies were sent at around 5:25 pm on Sunday.

According to the VSO's release, deputies were sent along with Deltona Fire Rescue when they received a call from the husband of 74-year-old Bethania Germosen. According to Germosen's husband, he found her floating face-down in the water, and that he'd rushed to the water's edge to pull her to dry land.

Upon arriving at the scene, Deltona Fire Rescue attempted to perform life-saving measures on Germosen. Unfortunately, she was pronounced dead at the scene at 5:49 pm. To bring some context to her tragic passing, deputies became aware that she was known to walk down to the lake to feed ducks and turtles.

Germosen's death is not suspected to have been a result of any suspicious circumstances, the VSO says. The Medical Examiner's Office took possession of her body to perform an autopsy. The VSO said that Germosen was suffering from both recent and long-term medical issues at the time of her passing.