Florida's Miki Sudo Wins 10th Hot Dog Contest, Setting Record


Miki Sudo, a Florida-forged professional competitive eater, won her tenth straight Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest on Thursday, in the women's division of the July 4th classic. In doing so, she set an all-time record by downing 51 hot dogs in the competition.

Sudo's dominance in the Nathan's contest is without blemish since her debut in the 2014 edition. There, she placed first in her debut event, dethroning three-time-champ Sonya Thomas. She's won the event each and every time since, only missing 2021 when the contest wasn't held due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Listed by Major League Eating as a native of Tampa, competitive eating is just one of Sudo's major life accomplishments. She holds a degree in International Business from Fordham University. Beyond her hot dog domination, Sudo also holds world records in events eating ice cream, kimchi, wild rice hotdish, corn dogs, fish balls, cheese slices, pork buns, and glazed donuts.

Also of note in this year's hot dog contest was the absence of 16-time winner Joey Chestnut, who missed out on his crown for the time since 2015. He was barred from MLE competition due to a sponsorship agreement with Impossible Foods, a plant-based meat company.