Foundation Demands WWE Removes Sytch's Hall Of Fame Status


Daytona Beach, FL - A foundation started after a former wrestler’s daughter was killed by a drunk driver is demanding that the WWE strips Tamara Lynn Sytch of her Hall of Fame status.

Bill DeMott used to be a wrestler for WCW and WWE until 2011. In 2015, his daughter, Keri Anne DeMott, was killed by a multiple DUI offender while driving home. That led DeMott to launch the Keri Anne DeMott Foundation, which operates chapters in both New Jersey and Florida.

On Tuesday (May 10), DeMott took to Twitter and released a statement demanding that the WWE removes Sytch, who is now charged with DUI manslaughter, from the federation’s hall of fame.

“The Repeat Offender mentality is exactly why the state of Florida and the nation need to be held accountable and start holding the offenders and the lawmakers accountable for their actions,” said the statement. “Sytch should not have been allowed or given the ‘option’ of bonding out of jail.”

Mark Henry, former WWE star and current commentator for AEW, also showed his support for DeMott and said he echoes his sentiment. According to one wrestling blog, EWrestling News, Sytch has also lashed out over the coverage of her arrest. The site quotes a post made on her Facebook page that said: “If ANYONE says ANYTHING negative about me, you will be blocked and NEVER unblocked. You don’t know the real story so don’t act like you’re some f***ing journalist when all you do is type from your moms basement. Done.”

At the moment the State Attorney’s Office is actively working to get Sytch’s bond revoked by a judge. On Monday, the SAO filed a motion for revocation, citing multiple DUI charges Sytch received in Pennsylvania, and the fact she has a suspended license in PA and no valid license in Florida. She and her boyfriend James Pente, who rented the car she was driving at the time of the deadly crash in March, are also being sued by the daughter of the deceased.

The former wrestling star’s arrest came on Friday (May 6) after toxicology results indicated she had a blood alcohol content level of 0.280 during the crash. Those charges stem from the deadly March 25 crash that killed Julian Lasseter. Sytch is due back in court on May 31 for an arraignment and bond hearing.